Natural Co-ordinates

Mix 'n' match your style with Natural Co-Ordinates palette
of smart and elegant shades in 3 great finishes, Rib, Cord and Stripe.

Rib Shell
Stripe Shell
Cord Shell
Rib Shoreline
Cord Shoreline
Stripe Shoreline
Rib Hightide
Stripe Hightide
Cord Hightide
Stripe Seaweed
Cord Seaweed
Rib Seaweed
Rib Sandcastle
Cord Sandcastle
Rib Shingle
Cord Shingle
Rib Pebble Beech
Cord Pebble Beech
Rib Driftwood
Cord Driftwood

Natural Co-ordinates in a 29oz quality and a tufted loop construction. 100% wool, 3 ply available in 4m and 5m width